Migrating .NET Projects from ArcGIS 9.1 to 9.2

My Windows XP recently decided to fall apart, so after a few days reinstalling everything I decided it would be a good time to switch from ArcGIS 9.1 to 9.2. The installation went smoothly enough, and after a few more hours I had Visual Studio 2005 up and running as well. With some trepidation I […]

No New Objects Added…

¬†If only Visual Studio would open in the same state that it was closed.. Excluded DLLs in set up packages seem to re-include themselves, projects in solutions disappear, and today an ArcObects command seemed to have disappeared. All had previously been running without problems in debugging mode, opening ArcMap and then stopping at various breakpoints. […]

Some ArcToolbox Commands

A few sample ArcToolbox commands I’ve been using recently. These can be run from the command line available in ArcCatalog (in the menu select Window >> Command Line). workspace C:\MyPath\MyGeoDatabase.mdb Intersect (featureClass1”;’featureDataset1\featureClass2′ ”) my_output_featureClass¬†ALL # INPUT This automates the Intersect tool, found in ArcToolbox under “Analysis Tools >> Overlay >> Intersect” and is useful if […]

Using ArcObjects to get Unique Values from a Table

A common requirement in many user dialogs is to display a list of unique values from a table, in order to delete or select records. While it is often easier to use Microsoft’s data objects, I try to use ArcObjects as the relevant libraries will always be installed on a user’s machine. The function will […]