Creating Previews of PDF Maps

The MapFish print module used by both MapFish and GeoExt generates PDF maps that can be saved to clients machines. Over time you can acquire hundreds of different PDFs, but unfortunately Windows XP does not generate thumbnail previews to help find them again later. The script below solves this problem by generating a PNG image […]

A Proxy for IIS and .NET

Due to the same origin policy any data from a remote server cannot be (easily) added to a web application on your own server. This issue also applies to WFS (Web Feature Services) and OpenLayers. There is a Python script that can be used to get round this issue, but I preferred to have a […]

Guests Welcome!

The next post will be written by Adrià Mercader who has been working on configuring the MapFish print server to be used on IIS. This fits in perfectly with the recent Window / open source hybrid web-mapping solutions I have been working on. Adrià is also the author of the WMS Inspector a FireFox plug-in […]

GIS Servers and the 64-bit Question

The following is the first in a series of posts related to configuring a 64-bit Windows server as a GIS server  using MapServer and Python. Why move to 64-bit? If a server’s operating system and hardware are 64-bit it seems a waste not to take advantage of them. It may be better to look at […]

Source Control using BitBucket

Putting code under source control is on most checklists for modern software development. Even small side projects, scripts, and code snippets can benefit from being under source control. For example: When you improve the code others can see the changes and get the benefits If someone else improves the code those improvements can be passed […]


Everyone loves aerial photography. Some of its early pioneers were the James Bonds of their era. Twenty years ago people could go round neighbourhoods in England and sell people frames photographs of their houses from the air. Today people spend hours looking at the aerial photography layer on Google Maps wondering why so many people […]

Summary of Hours by Month (for every day)

I recently read Mark Forster’s time management book Do It Tomorrow. In summary it suggests creating a task list on a daily basis, and not doing anything other than from items in that list. Only real emergencies should be dealt with. If emails arrive that have to be dealt with then add them to tomorrow’s […]