Logging OpenLayers with Firebug

I take it as given that anyone developing with Firefox and OpenLayers has Firebug installed. Firebug has a number of powerful tools that can make the previous nightmare of JavaScript debugging tolerable. One feature I recently “discovered” are the logging options. It’s definitely a timesaver over my previous method of putting temporary alert(vals); throughout my […]

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg

..or do geodevelopers require mathematics? Alan Skorkin has a great post on “you don’t need math skills to be a good developer but you do need them to be a great one.” Geo-technology developers have similar requirements, and the majority of GISs revolve around CRUD operations. However due to the nature of spatial data we […]

6 Tips for Developers Moving into GIS

With the rise of the neogeographers, along with the increased awareness and use of GIS thanks to the web, more and more positions are open for developers looking to move away from writing business accounting logic, and into the exciting “new” world of spatial data. I’ve noticed a few gotchas that have happened to developers […]

Task #13: User Documentation

All projects I’ve worked on have a few days set aside for the dreaded “documentation.” Clients often try and reduce the billable hours set aside for documentation and when project delivery times are closing its often the last thing on a developers mind, so it gets cut from both sides. I’ve come to the conclusion […]

Mapfish JavaScript Toolbox

Mapfish is an open-source web mapping framework built using the Pylons Python web framework for “creating web services that allow querying and editing of geographic objects.” However the server-side functionality of the system I am currently working on is already handled by SQL Server 2008 Spatial and MapServer. What interested me more was that Mapfish […]

Quantum GIS and MapServer

One of the main barriers I had to using MapServer as a web GIS server was that layers had to be symbolised in a text editor, using a MAPFILE. It was cumbersome to keep editing and refreshing a browser, there was no easy way to check for errors, and you have to learn the syntax […]

GIS and Licensing for Developers

GIS consultants and organisations that use GIS have different needs. Consultants tend to use lots of different software, for short amounts of time, whereas organisations make daily use of software from a single vendor. ESRI have followed Microsoft’s approach of a Developers’ Network (MSDN). This allows the whole ESRI stack to be used for “development, […]