Automated WMS Testing with Python

This post and associated script details how to automate testing WMS (Web Mapping Service) layers. When you’ve set up several MapServer or GeoServer instances with 100s of layers, its nice to be able to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. The automation makes maintenance proactive, rather than reacting to client’s emails wondering where their […]

Building MapServer & MapScript on Windows

There are already Windows packages available for MapServer ready for deployment. However if you need to make a modification to the source files, apply a patch, or just want to see how MapServer is made then you can build MapServer from its C source files. Thanks to the ready made build kits this process should […]

Using ArcObjects and .NET in Python

This question was posed on the GIS Stack Exchange, and the replies include a number of interesting approaches. Below is another one. Why not just use .NET? I have several years worth of DLLs built using VB.NET and ArcObjects. Recently I’ve been using more and more open-source libraries, the majority of which can be manipulated […]

Creating Previews of PDF Maps

The MapFish print module used by both MapFish and GeoExt generates PDF maps that can be saved to clients machines. Over time you can acquire hundreds of different PDFs, but unfortunately Windows XP does not generate thumbnail previews to help find them again later. The script below solves this problem by generating a PNG image […]

Installing Python Modules on Windows

Installing Python modules on 32 bit Windows is a fairly simple process once you get to know the vocabulary of packages (Python scripts and libraries), eggs (similar to a bundled zip file), and the Cheeseshop (the Python “app store” equivalent – now renamed the Python Package Index or PyPi). Many popular packages in PyPi have […]

64-bit Mapscript for Python on Windows

Tamas Szekeres maintains a site with many different compiled versions of MapServer at (the site can occasionally be overloaded or down). These are compiled daily direct from the source. It is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of treasures – especially if you are installing on a Windows Server, and even more so if you are […]

Using TileCache on IIS

I’ve previously written about using PyISAPie to run Python under IIS – this allows Python scripts to run faster than using CGI. Rather than starting up the Python interpreter each time a request is made to the web server, PyISAPIe starts the interpreter once and only needs to run the script at each request. TileCache […]