Automated WMS Testing with Python

This post and associated script details how to automate testing WMS (Web Mapping Service) layers. When you’ve set up several MapServer or GeoServer instances with 100s of layers, its nice to be able to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. The automation makes maintenance proactive, rather than reacting to client’s emails wondering where their […]

Setting up a Secure Cascading WMS on MapServer

There a number of benefits to using a cascading WMS service – a WMS service that is read and then forwarded on through an intermediary WMS server: you can cache the service (for example with TileCache) to greatly improve performance your application need only worry about a single point of connection, using WMS layers aggregated […]

Using TileCache on IIS

I’ve previously written about using PyISAPie to run Python under IIS – this allows Python scripts to run faster than using CGI. Rather than starting up the Python interpreter each time a request is made to the web server, PyISAPIe starts the interpreter once and only needs to run the script at each request. TileCache […]

Automated WMS Reports

This post details how the WMS GetCapabilities request can be used to create an automated report listing all the map layers available from a WMS server. The final sample page can be seen here. The GetCapabilities Request Web Mapping Services (WMS) is an open standard that all major GIS vendors implement in their server software […]

Web Mapping Services & Security

For the majority of public GIS systems I’ve worked on all the data in a database is available to users via the mapping interface. If someone wanted to hack in and “steal” data the only concern would be the bandwidth they took up. Security for these systems is fairly low down on the list of […]

WMS GetCapabilities

Yes, I’d like to see the map layers and capabilities available from my MapServer MAP file, and no I don’t want to download mapserv.exe.. Messing with Headers I had the same problem with both Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 each time I issues a request such as: http://geographika.azurewebsites.net/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?map=/ms4w/apps/my.map&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetCapabilities The browser tried to download mapserv.exe. The […]

3 MapServer & SQL Server 2008 Performance Tips

A current project I’ve been developing uses a combination of SQL Server 2008 and MapServer (for Windows) to serve many WMS layers. As much as it irks developers, web users only care about two things – how nice the site looks, and how fast it is. Whether the correct information is displayed comes a poor […]