Creating a Geodesic Circle in OpenLayers


I recently asked a question on GIS Stack Exchange on how to create a  buffer around a point that took into account the curvature of the earth. OpenLayers has support for geodesic measurements, but not creating geodesic polygons. Drawing a standard polygon on a Mercator projected map can produce features with very different measurements from their intended “on the ground” equivalents.

Paul Ramsey pointed out that “the scale errors for Mercator are very high indeed (infinite, in fact, at the poles) increasing as you head north/south from the true scale latitude.” In fact drawing a circle (in Ireland – 53 degrees North) with a 10km geometric radius produced a circle with an on the ground radius of 6km.  A huge margin of error over a very short distance (see a previous post on the same subject).

After a useful answer from Dan Shoutis, it appeared most of the work to implement geodesic circles was already available in the OpenLayers API. The OpenLayers’ geodesic functions are based on code adapted from Chris Veness work at

The code to create a regular (non-geodesic) polygon can be seen in the OpenLayers source here. There is a function added after the class OpenLayers.Geometry.Polygon.createRegularPolygon that can be used to “create a regular polygon around a radius. Useful for creating circles and the like.”

This function only required a couple of changes – notably using Longitude and Latitude and rather than X and Ys, to produce geodesic polygons. If you are using the Mercator projection then transformations requires proj4js support.


An online demo of the function is available at The adapted function can be seen at

I have uploaded the full source code for the demo to


Just don’t try drawing circles around the map edges..

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Great! Thank you for this solution. I have been looking for this for a long time.

  2. Hector says:

    Whaou, this is great ! I was also looking for this.

    I got a question. Does the polyline draw should have a “buffer zone”. I ask this because, i don’t get one.
    I need to do a buffer around a polygon. Do you have any idea ? I should maybe think about getting the center of my polygon and calculate a circle like you did…

    Thanks in advance for any answer.
    Great job again.


  3. captdragon says:

    Awesome! Please submit this to openlayers code and do everyone a favor!

  4. Immobilien says:

    Saved my day! Thanks!

  5. Ralph Dell says:

    The OpenLayers function was very helpful. It will be in production soon. Thank you.

  6. mimina says:

    Hello !!! it’s a Great tutorial by the way !! ^^

    I wanted to integrate the circles in my map (openStreetMap (openlayer)), but it doesn’t work for me
    Should I just call the function createGeodesicPolygon to draw my circle or something else
    thanks !! ^^

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