Microsoft Access Queries

With the arrival of MS Access as the “personal” (i.e. restricted…) geodatabase of choice, I along with many others have had to get familiar with using SQL and Access. The graphical query generator (I am currently using MS Access 2002) seems to like to make the statements as verbose as possible, even thoigh relatively simple SQL still runs. Anyway below are some of my often used queries.

  • To copy data from one table to another (where both fields in both tables match). This is useful when two identical datasets cover two different geographical areas but need to be combined into a larger datasets.

INSERT INTO Table1( Field1, Field2)
SELECT Field1, Field2
FROM Table2;

  • To create a new field in a table using a SQL statement (useful if you have to update many tables).


  • To combine the results of two queries with the same fields (the top 15 values from one subquery, and a specific record from another).

SELECT TOP 15 Field1, Field2
FROM Subquery1
SELECT Field1, Field2
FROM Subquery2
WHERE Field1 = 272;

More to follow (they get harder to explain!)…

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