Some ArcToolbox Commands

A few sample ArcToolbox commands I’ve been using recently. These can be run from the command line available in ArcCatalog (in the menu select Window >> Command Line).

workspace C:\MyPath\MyGeoDatabase.mdb
Intersect (featureClass1”;’featureDataset1\featureClass2′ ”) my_output_featureClass ALL # INPUT

This automates the Intersect tool, found in ArcToolbox under “Analysis Tools >> Overlay >> Intersect” and is useful if this is a process that has to be run several times, and can be part of a batch process. The first line sets the workspace to a geodatabase containing the two input classes, and the second line runs the intersect, outputting all fields to my_output_featureClass.

workspace C:\MyPath\MyGeoDatabase.mdb
delete myFeatureClass

This command deletes a feature class in the geodatabase.

More samples can be found in the ArcGIS Desktop Help under the “Geoprocessing tool reference” section.


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