Installing Python Modules on Windows

Installing Python modules on 32 bit Windows is a fairly simple process once you get to know the vocabulary of packages (Python scripts and libraries), eggs (similar to a bundled zip file), and the Cheeseshop (the Python “app store” equivalent – now renamed the Python Package Index or PyPi). Many popular packages in PyPi have […]

64-bit Mapscript for Python on Windows

Tamas Szekeres maintains a site with many different compiled versions of MapServer at http://vbkto.dyndns.org/sdk/ (the site can occasionally be overloaded or down). These are compiled daily direct from the source. It is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of treasures – especially if you are installing on a Windows Server, and even more so if you are […]

Setting up a Secure Cascading WMS on MapServer

There a number of benefits to using a cascading WMS service – a WMS service that is read and then forwarded on through an intermediary WMS server: you can cache the service (for example with TileCache) to greatly improve performance your application need only worry about a single point of connection, using WMS layers aggregated […]

64 bit cURL with OpenSSL on Windows

MapServer makes use of libcurl.dll to connect to web resources. The reason I’ve had to learn this is because libcurl.dll is vital when using MapServer as a WMS client, or “a cascading WMS server” – using MapServer to connect to another WMS server and then “forward” them as if they were any other map layer. […]

GIS Servers and the 64-bit Question

The following is the first in a series of posts related to configuring a 64-bit Windows server as a GIS server  using MapServer and Python. Why move to 64-bit? If a server’s operating system and hardware are 64-bit it seems a waste not to take advantage of them. It may be better to look at […]

Compiling a 64 bit Version of PyISAPIe

Welcome to a veritable novella. I’ll jump straight to the end – there is no happy outcome, as yet, to this post there is a happy outcome! I have compiled a 64 bit PyISAPIe DLL (a program that runs Python at high speed under IIS), and it is up and running on Windows Server 2008 […]

Setting up Visual Studio 2008 for Compiling 64-bit DLLs

This step should be simple. Run the Visual Studio 2008 SetUp program and check the “X64 Compilers and Tools” option under Visual C++