Automated WMS Testing with Python

This post and associated script details how to automate testing WMS (Web Mapping Service) layers. When you’ve set up several MapServer or GeoServer instances with 100s of layers, its nice to be able to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. The automation makes maintenance proactive, rather than reacting to client’s emails wondering where their […]

Automated Diagrams and Documentation

As I previously wrote, one of the ways to get through the task of documenting a project is to turn the documentation process into a coding project. Documentation sometimes seems pointless as the likelihood of anyone other than yourself reading it are low to nil. To increase the chances pretty pictures always help. If they […]

Task #13: User Documentation

All projects I’ve worked on have a few days set aside for the dreaded “documentation.” Clients often try and reduce the billable hours set aside for documentation and when project delivery times are closing its often the last thing on a developers mind, so it gets cut from both sides. I’ve come to the conclusion […]