Building MapServer & MapScript on Windows

There are already Windows packages available for MapServer ready for deployment. However if you need to make a modification to the source files, apply a patch, or just want to see how MapServer is made then you can build MapServer from its C source files. Thanks to the ready made build kits this process should […]

OGR Comes to SQL Server 2008 Spatial

OGR, created by Frank Warmerdam, is an open source library and set of command line utilities for reading and writing geospatial vector data using many different formats . It is the vector equivalent of GDAL which has similar functionality for rasters. The name of the library is a vestige from when OGR used to stand for […]

64-bit Mapscript for Python on Windows

Tamas Szekeres maintains a site with many different compiled versions of MapServer at (the site can occasionally be overloaded or down). These are compiled daily direct from the source. It is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of treasures – especially if you are installing on a Windows Server, and even more so if you are […]

Running Python through Apache

I’m trying (and having) to start using Python more and more due to its ubiquity in the OpenSource GIS world. There are a number of add-ons and libraries for MapServer that require Python to function properly and/or quickly. It is also widely used for scripting both MapServer objects and for raster manipulation using GDAL. I […]