Installing Python Modules on Windows

Installing Python modules on 32 bit Windows is a fairly simple process once you get to know the vocabulary of packages (Python scripts and libraries), eggs (similar to a bundled zip file), and the Cheeseshop (the Python “app store” equivalent – now renamed the Python Package Index or PyPi). Many popular packages in PyPi have […]

Visualising GeoJSON in 15 Minutes

The objective of this post is to save a GeoJSON feature collected from the web to an image file, and was inspired by the Shapely manual. This will be done using Windows, Python 2.5 (although 2.6 should be almost exactly the same steps), and some additional Python packages. This example uses GeoJSON data from a […]

GeoJSON Where are You?

I was looking around the web to try and find some services that returned GeoJSON to try out Shapely. It was surprisingly hard to find servers or web services given the amount of tools that have already been built to use GeoJSON. Eventually I found the CloudMade’s geocoding developer samples. CloudMade is a company that […]