Politics, IT, Spending, and GIS

With an impending election in the UK, the Conservatives, the current opposition party have decided to try and win some votes by cutting spending in IT. On the upside they plan to scrap ID cards if elected. Which GIS projects this may affect is impossible to tell as: He [the shadow chancellor] was unable to […]

MapInfo and SQL Server 2008

For a new project I am working for the first time with MapInfo 10 “the world’s premier desktop mapping application.” In an effort to move away from MapInfo’s .tab files (the shapefile equivalent) I was keen to test out the direct connection to geometry stored in SQL Server 2008. Until version 9.5 data could only […]

Quantum GIS and MapServer

One of the main barriers I had to using MapServer as a web GIS server was that layers had to be symbolised in a text editor, using a MAPFILE. It was cumbersome to keep editing and refreshing a browser, there was no easy way to check for errors, and you have to learn the syntax […]