MapServer+Windows 64 bit+Apache=Crash?

I developed my MapServer application on Windows 2003 (a virtual 64 bit server running), using MS4W (MapServer for Windows), and had set up TileCache, and some Python scripts to run through Apache. I had managed to crash the set up numerous times in development, but I hadn’t come across any errors not of my own […]

Automated WMS Reports

This post details how the WMS GetCapabilities request can be used to create an automated report listing all the map layers available from a WMS server. The final sample page can be seen here. The GetCapabilities Request Web Mapping Services (WMS) is an open standard that all major GIS vendors implement in their server software […]

WMS GetCapabilities

Yes, I’d like to see the map layers and capabilities available from my MapServer MAP file, and no I don’t want to download mapserv.exe.. Messing with Headers I had the same problem with both Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 each time I issues a request such as: The browser tried to download mapserv.exe. The […]

Quantum GIS and MapServer

One of the main barriers I had to using MapServer as a web GIS server was that layers had to be symbolised in a text editor, using a MAPFILE. It was cumbersome to keep editing and refreshing a browser, there was no easy way to check for errors, and you have to learn the syntax […]