Linear Referencing in SQL Server 2008

Linear referencing is used to define features in relation to existing line features. These new features can either be points or lines. For example a water monitoring station can be defined as 300m along a section of river, or a stretch of road can be defined as requiring repairs, from 220m along to 270m along. […]

A Proxy for IIS and .NET

Due to the same origin policy any data from a remote server cannot be (easily) added to a web application on your own server. This issue also applies to WFS (Web Feature Services) and OpenLayers. There is a Python script that can be used to get round this issue, but I preferred to have a […]

Task #13: User Documentation

All projects I’ve worked on have a few days set aside for the dreaded “documentation.” Clients often try and reduce the billable hours set aside for documentation and when project delivery times are closing its often the last thing on a developers mind, so it gets cut from both sides. I’ve come to the conclusion […]