The Seven Bridges of Königsberg

..or do geodevelopers require mathematics? Alan Skorkin has a great post on “you don’t need math skills to be a good developer but you do need them to be a great one.” Geo-technology developers have similar requirements, and the majority of GISs revolve around CRUD operations. However due to the nature of spatial data we […]

6 Tips for Developers Moving into GIS

With the rise of the neogeographers, along with the increased awareness and use of GIS thanks to the web, more and more positions are open for developers looking to move away from writing business accounting logic, and into the exciting “new” world of spatial data. I’ve noticed a few gotchas that have happened to developers […]

7 Reasons for ESRI not to Drop VBA

I recently learned from James Fee’s blog that ArcGIS 9.4 will be the last version that supports VBA. I can see why this is being dropped – Microsoft no longer promotes or updates VBA. Microsoft now promote “Visual Studio Tools for Office” as its replacement for VBA in MS Office products, however VBA is still […]