OpenLayers and Versioning in Aptana Studio

This post details how to add a Subversion (SVN) plugin to Aptana to allow you to compare OpenLayers code with previous versions. A straw poll was taken on the OpenLayers mailing list in April 2010, and OpenLayers v3 development is taking place in git, with the central repository stored on GitHub. This means working with […]

A 10 Minute Intro on using BitBucket with Windows

There are already a couple of official quick start guides to using Mercurial’s Window’s client program TortoiseHG, but below are the bare details of how to use it with a new account on the BitBucket service.

Source Control using BitBucket

Putting code under source control is on most checklists for modern software development. Even small side projects, scripts, and code snippets can benefit from being under source control. For example: When you improve the code others can see the changes and get the benefits If someone else improves the code those improvements can be passed […]