OGR Comes to SQL Server 2008 Spatial

OGR, created by Frank Warmerdam, is an open source library and set of command line utilities for reading and writing geospatial vector data using many different formatsĀ . It is the vector equivalent of GDAL which has similar functionality for rasters. The name of the library is a vestige from when OGR used to stand for […]

Does SQL Azure have Allure?

I love SQL Server 2008 spatial functionality. Not only because it has effectively killed off the middle-man GIS database software, but it even sticks to OGC standards allowing the same data and tables to be used in nearly all GIS software. However I have some reservations about the use of SQL Azure for GIS applications. […]

MapInfo and SQL Server 2008

For a new project I am working for the first time with MapInfo 10 “the world’s premier desktop mapping application.” In an effort to move away from MapInfo’s .tab files (the shapefile equivalent) I was keen to test out the direct connection to geometry stored in SQL Server 2008. Until version 9.5 data could only […]